The Camera Became My Passport Home

A three volume hardcover coffee-table book set of 526 pages and more than 500 illustrations, photographs and maps

by Ben van Drogenbroek

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The Camera Became My Passport Home

Stalag Luft 3, The Great Escape, The Forced March and the Liberation at Moosburg

The memoirs of
Charles Boyd Woehrle
8th Air Force - 351st Heavy Bomb Group - 509th Squadron

A time document in text and pictures about an American prisoner of war

Stalag Luft 3 was a German prisoner of war camp for Allied Air Force Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. This camp became known because of two famous escapes; The Wooden Horse Escape and The Great Escape. These, and other escapes, are thorougly documented in the book. The main character is Charles Woehrle, a bombardier of a B-17 “Flying Fortress”. In the first chapters he represents the way of airmen becoming prisoners of war. In the next chapters, Charles - now in Stalag Luft 3 - forms the red line in the book by popping in and out of the story. The history of Stalag Luft 3 is pieced together with general information about the Second World War, providing the reader with a better view about the time in which the experiences of the prisoners of war took place. All photographs and illustrations are reproduced on a size which would do them justice; reveiling as much details as possible. Although this book is intended as a historical record, cartoons have also been included because they often gives a very effective impression of a particular circumstance. Many drawings were carried in preference to food during The Forced March when Stalag Luft 3 was evacuated.

  • Many individual stories of prisoners from England, United States, Canada, Belgium and Holland. 402 prisoners of war at Stalag Luft 3 mentioned by name (name index in alphabetic order included)

  • Information about all compounds of Stalag Luft 3 and “Belaria”, the satellite camp. Including: ground plan of Stalag Luft 3

  • The Red Cross and the Y.M.C.A.

  • Daily life at Stalag Luft 3. Including: prisoners of war food recipes, camp newspapers, religious services

  • Prisoners of war ingenuity; the ability to make everything out of nothing. Including: tin bashing, escape compass making, p.o.w. made “Luger” pistol and p.o.w. made rifle, prisoners of war artwork (handicrafts, drawings, cartoons, poems), theatre activities (with many stage and backstage photographs), sports activities (inclusive: the “Sagan Golf Club” and golf ball making at the East Compound), lecture: How to make a p.o.w. blow torch [soldering iron] - inclusive work-drawing, lecture: Forging a German “Ausweis” [identification document] - step by step

  • Jewish prisoners at Stalag Luft 3

  • The story of Sigrid Moritz, one of the censor girls at Stalag Luft 3

  • The story of Roy Kilminster, who transferred from Stalag Luft 3 to Stalag Luft 1, where he became master forger

  • The Wooden Horse Escape from the East Compound

  • The Mole Tunnel Escape from the East Compound

  • The Delousing Party Escape from the North Compound

  • The Great Escape from the North Compound

  • The Forced March (the evacuation of Stalag Luft 3)

Price (inclusive post and packaging): £160 (indeed not cheap, but worth every penny!)

Orders taken by the author directly:
Ben van Drogenbroek
Stadhouderslaan 32
3417 TW Montfoort
The Netherlands

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