A Wartime Log

by Arthur E. Adams (PoW No. 25024) Stalag VIII B, Stalag Luft III, Belaria, Stalag III A

Arthur E. Adams - A Wartime Log

Download Part 1

This section contains the Book Jacket, a variety of Poems and the original written account of how Arthur became a PoW entitled 'My Last Flight'.

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Download Part 2

This contains a list of names of fellow PoW's plus a variety of other entries including recipes and parcel content lists.

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Download Part 3

This section contains photographs of family and friends from back home and also a group shot of PoW's within Stalag VIIIB

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Download Part 4

This contains a variety of drawings including a page dedicated to the RAF members of Arthur's flight crew.

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Download Part 5

A range of miscellaneous items Arthur kept in the back of the book including Postcards, a German Officers Passport, Letters and Newspaper Cuttings.

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My Last Flight

Arthur's detailed and personal account of his final mission on board a Lancaster Bomber, which was shot down by a German Flak Ship on the west coast of France during an operational flight on the 26th July 1942.

Prisoners of War

A list of names and addresses of various PoW's as detailed in Arthur's Wartime Log.

They Failed to Return

This page is dedicated to the members of Arthur's crew who lost their lives during the performance of their duty.

The Camera Became My Passport Home

The memoirs of Charles Boyd Woehrle 8th Air Force - 351st Heavy Bomb Group - 509th Squadron. Compiled and written by Ben van Drogenbroek.


This Web Page is dedicated to the memory of Sergeant Arthur E. Adams of No.106 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Arthur was an Air Gunner on board a Lancaster Bomber which was shot down during an operational flight on the 26th July 1942. He was then captured, interrogated at Dulag Luft in Frankfurt and spent the remainder of the Second World War in various Prisoner of War camps including Stalag VIII B, Stalag Luft III, Belaria and Stalag III A.

While held prisoner, Arthur kept this Wartime Log to record his experiences as a PoW which included writing poems, letters, drawings and collecting photographs. On the 22nd April 1945, his camp Stalag III A at Luckenwalde Germany was liberated by the Soviet forces and Arthur finally began his long journey home to England.

Arthur went on to live a long and happy life with his wife Wynne, 2 children, 3 grand children and now 4 great grand children. He eventually died at the age of 83 in April 2004. This site has been created by his family to share Arthur's experiences, thoughts and memories as a PoW.

If you'd like to get in touch with us regarding Arthur's Wartime Log please feel free to e-mail darren@bluelight.biz